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ホムス市、瓦礫の中で家を探す足の不自由な女性。写真:Yazan Homsiの公式Facebookページより。



2013年 特集

World on Syria
13 Oct Syria: Banksy’s Crude Politics
12 Oct Nobel Peace Prize Fails to Pacify
22 Oct The Crowd in the Machine
1 Oct  How is Lebanon Dealing with the Massive Influx of Syrian Refugees?
1 Oct  The 16-year-old Saudi Who is Fighting in Syria
30 Sep Syrian-Palestinian Refugees of Rap: “The Age of Silence is Over”
23 Sep GV Face: Worldwide Media Coverage of Syria
17 Sep Do These Videos Show Iranians Fighting in Syria's War?
12 Sep How Russians Read Putin's NYT Op-Ed on Syria
10 Sep Pro-Assad And/Or Anti-War Demonstrations?
10 Sep A Political Solution for Syria
10 Sep Humour: Potential Targets in the Strike on Syria
9 Sep “World is Happy for Assad to Continue Killing Syrians
4 Sep “In Damascus All is Quiet”: Russians Report from Syria
4 Sep Drums of War on Syria Getting Louder

Stories of Survival
26 Dec Merry Christmas from Syrian Artists
20 Dec Syria: The Free Women of Darayya
12 Dec Video: “Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution” in Syria
19 Nov シリア:自転車に対する既成概念 乗り越えられるか
19 Oct Artists Search for Eid in Syria's War
6 Aug Syrian Pianist Malek Jandali: “We Need Freedom for True Art”
16 Jul Artists Capture a Bloody Ramadan in Syria
7 Jun Syrian Creativity: Radio SouriaLi Broadcasts over the Internet
28 May Syria Untold: Raqqa Lessons, From Freedom to Creativity in State Building
13 May ‘Syria Untold': The Storytelling of the Syrian Revolution 
9 Apr シリア:内戦最前線・アレッポからのツイート
8 Mar Palestine/Syria: A Tale of Two Women
31 Jan Children Crisis in Syria: How You Can Help 
25 Jan Kurds Caught Between Islamists and the PKK in Syria
13 Jan Graffiti War on Syrian Walls
11 Jan Conversations: The Mayor of a Christian Syrian Village
11 Jan Social Media Buzz: The Fallout of Assad's Speech
10 Jan Conversations: A Road Trip to Idlib
9 Jan シリア:スンニ派の病院で働くアラウィー派の看護師
8 Jan The Last Survivors of Aleppo’s Infantry School
8 Jan Social Media Buzz: The Crimes We Don’t See in Syria
7 Jan Assad's Delusional #DonkeySpeech Scorned
7 Jan  Yesterday, I Defected from Assad's Army
4 Jan “Some Hope for a Solution in Syria” – Michel Kilo
2 Jan A New Year of Syria’s Turmoil
2 Jan Cats, Guns and Spoils of War in Rural Idlib, Syria
2 Jan Social Media Buzz: Rebels Lose a Charismatic Commander in Syria

Syria's Refugees
19 Nov 知っておくべき5つの物語:シリア難民に降りかかる困難の数々
2 Jul Videogame: Zaytoun, the Little Syrian-Palestinian Refugee
18 May 「トルコ:レイハンル爆破事件、報道禁止令と狙われるシリア難民」
4 Jan An Alawite Outcast: How One Syrian Girl Lost Her Mother

Destruction in Syria
16 Jul VIDEO: Historic Khalid ibn al-Walid Mosque Bombed in Syria
13 Jun Syria: Old Homs Under Siege for a Year
4 Mar Hafez Al Assad's Statue Destroyed in Syria
24 Feb Syria: “Lens of a Young Homsi”, Photographs of a City under Siege
31 Jan  Syrian photographer wins first place in a competition in Germany

Tales of Death and War
24 Dec Blood on Camera: 18-year-old Syrian Dies Covering the War for Reuters
13 Nov Syrian Journalist Abdulwahab Mulla Kidnapped in Liberated Aleppo
20 Oct No Man's Land: Kidnapping Journalists Worsens in Syria
21 Aug Assad Accused of Dropping Chemical Bombs on Damascus Suburb Al Ghouta
2 Jul Light Weapons: Moving Pictures From Syria
13 Jun Syria: 18 Journalists Killed in January
13 Jun Syria: Criticizing Arab Silence
22 May 14-year-old Citizen Journalist Killed Covering Clashes in Syria
27 Jan 紛争の大きすぎる代償-シリアの子どもたち【動画閲覧注意】
17 Jan More than 80 Killed at Aleppo University in Syria
11 Jan How Many More Syrians Must Die?

この記事は、シリア騒乱 2011/12特集の一部です。


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