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カテゴリー: 東アジア, シンガポール, 市民メディア, 意見, 旅行, 芸術・文化

スケッチ:アルビン・マーク・タン 許可を得て掲載


フェイスブック「コミュートスケッチャーズ [2]」が活動を開始して1年以上になる。ここでは移動中の隙間時間を有効活用し、「公共の交通機関で目にした一コマ」を描くシンガポール国内外のアーティストが作品を公開している。


I think the public transport system is a very unique and peaceful place. You have this moving box (public transport) with wheels or wings that can contain the greatest diversity, because it is literally taking everyone to a common destination. I find that interesting; the notion of going somewhere together. Also, the fact that there are so many different faces to draw within a small room excites me. I was traditionally trained in fine arts and with dwindling interests in traditional art, the public commute presents a unique, safe and condensed setting to practice what I love.



I was very inspired by the Canadian subway and they have this ‘Sketching-the-line’ program where they invite commute sketchers to submit their work and feature them all over the transit. I thought that was such an organic move and very gracious of them to grant advertising space to commute artists.



スケッチ:アーウィン・リャン 許可を得て掲載


スケッチ:アーウィン・リャン 許可を得て掲載


That people in general can be so hooked on to their mobile devices, they have no clue that I’m sketching them, or even what is happening around them.



スケッチ:アルビン・マーク・タン 許可を得て掲載

挑戦してみようと思った人は?初心者向けの解説動画 [6]をチェックしてコミュートスケッチのコツをつかもう。

校正:Mitsuo Sugano [7]