Sumiyo Roland · 11月, 2020

I lived in the United States for 23 years and I used to work for a USA-based IT company. When I moved to California, I started to learn ceramics while working as a freelance translator/editor/QA reviewer. Then after moving to New York, I obtained a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). After graduation, I opened a ceramics studio. I am interested in human rights movements, environmental issues and art.

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現代モンゴルは、複雑さと矛盾を抱えている。クシュ・ゾリグ(Kush Zorigt)はレンズを通して、輝く超高層ビル、有毒汚染、そして、そんな状況の中で生きる人々の意外な物語を綴っている。