Sumiyo Roland · 4月, 2021

I lived in the United States for 23 years and I used to work for a USA-based IT company. When I moved to California, I started to learn ceramics while working as a freelance translator/editor/QA reviewer. Then after moving to New York, I obtained a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). After graduation, I opened a ceramics studio. I am interested in human rights movements, environmental issues and art.

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中国製薬大手シノバック・バイオテック(Sinovac Biotech)社のCoronaVacワクチンとシノファーム(Sinopharm)社のワクチンは、欧米のワクチンとは異なり、冷凍保存が必要ではないことから暑熱大陸アフリカに最も適している。